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AC Repair Royal Palm Beach

Do you need your ac repair? Are you located on Royal Palm Beach? Check out what we have to offer first time customers

AC Repair Fort Lauderdale

Is your house getting too hot? Is the ac unit just pushing hot air around? It might be time to get your AC repair from APlus AC. With over 30 years of experience, our team is standing by ready to come out and fix your AC Repair! Give us a call and we will get a tech there today!

Dryer Repairman 


You just did a huge load of laundry; throwing all those wet clothes into the dryer to finish drying and come out smelly fresh and clean! When you returned, the clothes were still totally soaked and now they smell! If your dryer is not heating properly, and drying your clothes, you definitely need to call A+ Appliance Repair to get that checked out! Bad dryer heating elements can not only be annoying, they can also be a fire hazard! Call us today to come check it out!